Weekly Update #84

We’re back once again with the Weekly Update.

Overall its been a good week with progress across the board. What progress you ask?

  • We’ve sent the One Horn off to Zealot Miniatures to be printed and cast. Can’t wait to see the end results!
  • The Two Horn has had progress and I’m now trying posing her to as I was struggling to get the right feeling with her in the static T pose.
  • The Moschops has continued to develop.
  • Simon has updated the rulesbook and test gang faction cards for our playtest.
  • We’ve been discussing website updates and we’ve also signed up to Hootsuite which Simon tells me is some kind of magic social media manager thingamajig.

As you can see we’ve been busy for once! I’m rather stoked about our progress this week, it feels like we’re positively steaming along.

One Horn Split.jpg
You’ve lost your arms. Hah tis but a flesh wound!

As for our upcoming week:

  • We’ve got an up coming playtest between Simon and myself. Hopefully we’ll remember 1, how to play and 2, to take lots of photos.
  • The Two Horn will have rough details added to the pose.
  • Simon will progress the Moschops some more (I think he’ll be starting to look at posing soon).
  • We’ll be documenting the playtest and possibly updating things because of it.

Other than above we’ll be playing the waiting game till we get some pictures and updates from our 3d printing friends at Zealot miniatures. So close to getting our first miniature done!!

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