Art Dump #65

Welcome back to the regular Sunday Art Dump where we show off some our new and interesting concept art, in progress sculpts and anything else art related that looks cool πŸ˜€

First up this week is an update on the Two Horn’s sculpt. As I mentioned in the weekly update, we’ve reposed her to help things pop and look stronger. We fixed her torso length, arm positions and a few other minor tweaks. She still needs some other miscellaneous equipment blocked out on her back as well as a detail pass on everything.


Below is a quick comparison of new pose versus the old one.


Up next is a continuation of rough series of sketches showing off the different factions of the game.

First up is the fiery Children of Cinder. Their theme draws from Spanish culture, conquistadors, cowboys and fire worshippers. They all wear little lanterns around their necks containing their own sacred flame which they must always keep lit.

Cinder Gang Concept.jpg

Lastly for this week is a rough gang sketch of the dreaded Mimes. Forever working towards their sacred Mimeopolypse, they are not to be taken lightly despite their odd fashion sense. These guys are more or less straight up mimes, but they also have aspects of theatre culture in their theme (though I forgot to add the dashing capes).


Let us know if there’s anything you like in this week’s Art Dump πŸ™‚


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