Weekly Update #88

It’s that time of the week again and we’re once again back with our weekly update. This week has better than last week overall but I still didn’t quite manage as much time on sculpting as I would have liked, last minute jobs from paying work are time sinks 😦

Onwards and upwards though, so what have achieved this week?

  • Simon has done awesome work on the Moschops (see below). He’s added some sweet belts and straps and is busy making the model pop.
  • The Two Horn has had her pose tweaked to try and make it stronger and less awkward. Many thanks to my wife for participating in some pose studies 😀
  • The world synopsis has been looked at and discussed but is still underdevelopment.
  • Simon has updated the rulebook with our latest changes and printed it out.
  • The base mesh for the Two Horn’s weapon is done and is ready for sculpting.
  • Dan has been progressing on the Wou’s blunderbuss.

In other exciting news we’re meeting for another playtest tonight and will hopefully make some more great progress on the rules and scenarios.

It’s smackdown time

We’ll also be discussing our plans for the next few weeks. We’ll probably be aiming to get the current sculpts done and also look to get more play tests done with a bigger group of testers. But for the up coming week specifically we’re aiming to:

  • Simon is aiming to block in hand bandages and tweak the Moschops’ shirt and tail.
  • I’m planning to block in the remaining items on the Two Horn’s belt and fix her up after her re-posing broke a lot of things.
  • Upload any of the notes we take during tonight’s play test to the wiki.
  • And anything else we get on to.

A nice broad plan for the coming week, basically just get more work done ;p


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