Weekly Update #89

It’s Thursday and that means an update blog. Welcome to any of the new followers who have liked us recently, always a pleasure to have more people interested in our game and world 🙂

So how have we tracked over the recent week that was? We managed to:

  • Block in the remaining details for the Two Horn. She is now rocking some pointy steel caps to her shoes, they now have laces, and she now has some more random equipment on her belt.
  • Simon has been doing hand bandages…and redoing hand bandages….and redoing. You get the picture. I think this quote from Simon sums up his experience this week “Sculpting handwraps is kinda fun…but it’s really easy to make them look like cooked pasta”
  • We’ve uploaded the notes from last week’s playtest which went really well.
  • Those notes have then been implemented into our rulebook and appropriate cards.
  • Simon has also updated the rulebook to our latest build and we’re working on tidying up some of the cards for a reprint of them.

I feel like there were some other things that we had done but I can’t seem to remember them at the moment. But as for the play test, it went really well and it felt like the game was starting to fire on all cylinders. The Cinder felt good and fiery, the Hantu were full of healing shenanigans and coming back from the dead, and even the scenario was working well. Can’t wait to do some reprints and get some more people to start testing this stuff.

Two Horn Concept 57.jpg
Still need to work on the spindly looking axe and shovel

As for our plan for the coming week, we’re aiming to:

  • Retopo and detail the Two Horn’s skirt and shirt, which will give us a good basis for making sure the auxiliary details (belts, equipment, etc) are sitting correctly on them.
  • Simon is going to be completing some hand wraps and tweaking the Moschops’ shirt and tail.
  • Put together a potential list of new traits for the individual characters as some of them are currently under performing.
  • Put together a list of Vendettas to test with our Fate deck. A potential new mechanic which will add some theme to the mechanics.

And that about wraps up the update for this week. Still plenty of development work happening as you can see, if only we had more hours in the day ;p

Until next week 🙂

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