Weekly Update #99

Hi folks we’re back as usual for the weekly update. We’ve been busy…or at least trying to be busy 😀

First up our progress for the week:

  • The Two Horn’s rear equipment has had good progress but unfortunately hasn’t been completed yet.
  • We’ve written several vendettas for the Fate cards.
  • We’ve had a great fluff / theme meeting with our writer friend. We’ve nailed down some more Isogorean fluff, re-tweaked some of our background story and worked over the current story.
  • I have laid out some more of the Exploration deck for the Expeditions.

So while I had wanted to get the Two Horn’s equipment finished, unfortunately life got a bit busy for myself 😦 But this coming week I’m feeling quite inspired and I have cleared my schedule so hopefully fingers crossed I can get some more sculpting done.

One person that has been doing some great 3d for us is our friend Dan who has put together this awesome model of the Elder’s weapon. We’ve got some things to tweak but it’s a great start so far!


Looking forward at the week ahead of us we plan to:

  • Finish the Two Horn’s rear equipment (all that remains is the Hatchet, bag, shoven and rope).
  • Finish our vendetta concepts
  • Put together a concept exploration deck for testing
  • Have a meeting (tomorrow) where we discuss the plan going forward and what our priorities are next

A reasonably straight forward week as long as we can stay focused! Next week I’ll have some examples of the Vendettas and Exploration deck to show off.

Until next week folks 🙂

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