Art Dump #78

This week on the Art Dump we’ve got some more 3d rendered goodies.

First up are a set of renders that Simon has done of the Moschops sculpt. Now the sculpt isn’t finished but Simon has been on a bit of a render bender so we’ve got some super sweet renders of the bad boy in his current state.

He’s looking pretty awesome so far and will be a great addition to the tabletop once he is ready to go.




Up next are some more WIP (work in progress) shots of some of the character’s weapons from Dan. First up is the Shrubber’s short and violent little blunderbuss. Eventually it will have vines growing along it and it’s stock will be slowly rotting away after years of rough use.


Now we’ve got the Tyton’s fine & fancy long range musket. Handcrafted from premium products and designed for tackling large beasts, this musket is a handy addition to anyone’s arsenal.


And that brings us to the end of another Art Dump, if you’ve got any feedback on any of the models today let us know 🙂

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