Weekly Update #102

Welcome back to another weekly dev update. It’s been a good week of progress for us with sculpting and rules work being done. So what exactly did we achieve this week?

  • I finished all the detail on the Two Horn. After sharpening up her face and head, I tidied up her arms and that was all there was too it. We’re going to park her here for a bit until we’re ready to go for another round of test prints. And when that time comes or when we run out of other stuff to do we’ll split her up into cast-able pieces (probably head, gun and forearms as one piece and then the rest of her body).
  • I said it was probably crazy when I mentioned it last week but I managed to finish tidying up the Vendettas concepts and they are now in the wiki. Perhaps next week Simon will be able to do a reprint…or I could do a paper print since we need to review them.
  • Simon went to town on the Moschops sculpt pushing his details further along and making him look awesome.

With the Two Horn finished apart from separating we need to get her over to Simon so he can do some sweet renders of her, but for now you can enjoy her straight out of Zbrush.

Two Horn Concept 80
That weapon is a rather impressive size!

New thing of the week this time is the new game from CMON called Rising Sun. It looks pretty cool with awesome miniatures and interesting rules. I also quite like the simplified pledge choices (only one choice – buy the game or not). Also it’s now absolutely smashed it’s funding goal.

On now onto our goals for the coming week:

  • Simon is going to keep pushing forward on the Moschops.
  • I’m going to upload the Two Horn so that Simon can look at getting a render done of her.
  • We’re going add the Vendettas to our fate cards and attempt a reprint (even if it’s only paper for review purposes).
  • I am going to start work on a print and play version of our game so that people can start downloading and playtesting it with us.

It feels nice to have the old Two Horn done (at least as far as she needs to go at the moment) and means that I can refocus on a few other areas before I dive back into the next sculpt…the Ophidia!!

Until next week folks 🙂

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