Weekly Update #104

Welcome back again to this week’s Dev Blog. A bit of behind the scenes work this week which is never very interesting to talk about or show but progress is progress.

  • We’ve set up a meeting tomorrow (Friday) evening to go through and review the Vendettas along with anything else that needs fixing.
  • We’ve been discussing our next play test, when that will be and what we need to do for it.
  • I’ve completed the Rev 2 version of the print and play characters. They look pretty cool now. I can imagine they need a bit more polish but that’s what Rev 3 is for right?

Unfortunately completing the print and play work took longer than expected and thus there was little to no fluff related work done 😦

On the up side check out the latest Rev 2 print and play characters below along side the Rev 1 versions. Obviously we still need to get the character art for the remaining 8 characters but don’t worry we’re working on it πŸ˜€

Print and Play Rev 2

From the wild web this week I’ve seen something cool from CMON…a new miniature game based on the ‘game of thrones’. Looks like it could be a cool game, or at least one to keep an eye on: https://cmon.com/news/cmon-limited-announces-a-song-of-ice-and-fire-tabletop-miniatures-game

Look forward to next week we’re planning to::

  • Update the fluff for the Isogoreans based upon our latest discussions with our writer.
  • We’ll also be re-tweaking our world blurb to be more in line with our theme these days. I say these days because a lot of the fluff was roughed out very early on and to be honest we’ve never really been back to it to make sure it still works within the overall theme.
  • I will be aiming to get the relevant fluff up on to the website as well.
  • Hopefully Simon will be able to find some more time for the mighty Moschops sculpt but he is a bit snowed under at the moment.

So probably not much to show off with next week’s dev blog but I’m sure we’ll find something interesting to put up πŸ˜€

Until next week folks πŸ™‚

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