Art Dump #82

It’s Sunday and we’re back with our usual Art Dump. This week we’ve got some more 3d renders of the  Two Horn and some concept art for something that ties into the story that is currently being written.

First up are some renders of the Two Horn. Now these aren’t fancy pancy Simon quality renders, but they’ll do for now 😀

Two Horn Concept 81_d

Seriously every time I look at this model that muskaxe looks huge and awesome!

Two Horn Concept 81_eTwo Horn Concept 81_f

And now we’ve got our concept sketches. Ok so these sketches are for a type of beast pulled ship common-ish in our world, our writer made it up and we liked the sound of it so thought we’d try and bring it some visuals.


These are some more refined ship ideas. The bottom one is more what I think we’ll be looking at.


Now these are getting closer to what we like. The bottom one is probably the closests concept that we’ve so far produced.


And with that we’ve arrived at the end of the Art Dump. If you’ve got any feedback we’d love to hear it. Until next week 🙂

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