Weekly Update #107

Once again into the breach with the weekly update. This week we’ve got some exciting pictures of a 3d print of the Two Horn to share! But first things first, what did we achieve this week?

  • We finished overhauling the Isogorean fluff. It should now all be up to date with the latest theme and direction.
  • Simon has been making stellar progress on the Moschops. He’s started going through and fixing outstanding issues (increasing the cloth fold sizes, fixing overlaps and adding missing detail).
  • We’ve been speaking with Zealot Miniatures again and they have suggested how to best split the Two Horn for production. We’ve also refined our plans for how those cuts should be made.
  • I have started work on our latest sculpt, the Ophidia. Currently he is a blobby mess but he’s slowly taking shape. My first goal is to get him into something resembling the final pose and from there I can go about tweaking smaller details.
  • We’ve been discussing our next play test date and Simon is trying to set up a play test at his work which will be cool.

All in all it has been quite a good week for production! But now on to the truly exciting part of this blog, the pictures of our test print from Shapeways! This was printed in high definition acrylate so there is a ton of detail on the print. The only minor issue is there are quite a few stubs left from the printed supports. But still really happy with the outcome!

Two Horn Print 01Two Horn Print 03Two Horn Print 02

On now on to the new things from the web section. This week I’ve spotted the a game on kickstarter called ‘The Third Law’. What can I say other than sci-fi robot miniatures battling it out with boardgame-esk rule features. Seems like an interesting game to check out if you’re into that sort of thing 😀

Now on to our goals for the coming week:

  • Simon will continue to fix the Moschops, as we’re quite keen to get him done, printed and cast.
  • I will be aiming to have the Ophidia’s pose and silhouette roughed out so that I can start focusing on some of his smaller details (equipment, etc).
  • We will aim to have some more world fluff / background uploaded to the website. Even if its just our overview sort of stuff.

A rather more focused week ahead but you never know we might be able to sneak some other random Faith & Flintlock work in there somewhere 🙂

Until next week!

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