Art Dump #86

We’re back as usual with some more cool pics on this week’s Art Dump.

First up this week is an awesome Moschops render from Simon. This model is seriously looking great, he’s now got a face full of character, exaggerated features and a cool pose. I am really looking forward to getting this guy in hand! This guy is going to be mounted on a 50mm base and will probably be around 80ish millimetres high (yet to be fully nailed down).


Bring up the rear this post is a recap on the Ophidia to date. As you can see below his rev1 sculpt is contrasted against his awesome character art. There has been a few changes so I’ve decided to build him again from scratch rather than re-using the rev 1 sculpt (also it’s good practice for me!). Should be a cool model and I have a few interesting ideas I’m keen to try and incorporate.


Until next week 🙂

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