Art Dump #85

Welcome back to the Art Dump, this week we’ve got two random sketches of potential characters and one quick speed sculpt concept following on from last week.

First up is a ‘generic snakeman priest dude’ as my wife elegantly put it. We were at one stage considering some characters something along this line of thinking but we ended up going with something more like our current Ophidia design.


Up next is a random sketch of a cool looking dude. I like the proportions and the silhouette but otherwise he leaves me a bit ‘meh’, what do you lot think?


Finally for this week we’ve got a rough sculpt of the birdman sailor from last week. He could probably use some more refinement but for a quick concept he looks pretty cool I reckon.


And that folks brings us to the end of another Art Dump. Until next week 🙂

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