Weekly Update #109

Once again we return from our hiding places with our weekly update.

This week has been both good and bad in terms of progress:

  • We had a fantastic day on Tuesday of boardgames but more importantly, several hours of play testing Faith & Flintlocks. Our friends enjoyed it but boy oh boy did they come up with some good suggestions. We came away with 3 pages of notes and plenty of decisions to make.
  • We’ve transcribed our playtest notes onto our online wiki for us to keep track of them.
  • We’ve discussed various Kickstarter ideas and plans for how we will be presenting Faith & Flintlocks.
  • Our designer friend has done an amazing job on the Faith & Flintlocks logo! Can’t wait to start rolling that out across the site.
  • Unfortunately there wasn’t any work done on the 3d sculpts 😦 they just slipped through the cracks.

So while we didn’t get any further with the models, the Play test day more than made up for it. It was a ton of fun seeing our friends play and question everything we’ve made and or designed in the game. Here are some pictures of the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week on the something new section is an retro space miniatures board game called Rayguns and Rocketships. I like the style of the art and minis, so it could be worth checking out if you’re into that style of game.

It may be slightly lazy to copy our last week’s to do list but to be fair the same things still need doing:

  • I need to do some minor fixes to the Two Horn’s sculpt as there were things we noticed on the 3d print that we weren’t happy with.
  • The Two Horn model will be separated for the intention of printing and casting.
  • The Ophidia’s silhouette and design will be pushed further. If I am on to it I will also start roughing out equipment on his back.
  • We also need to action quite a few of the minor updates we’ve noted down from the play test.

Another busy week for us playing catch up it looks like. I must say I’m seriously considering taking some time off work so I can concentrate and try to knock out a few models in quick fire succession…Will have to weigh that one up carefully as money is always nice to have lol.

Until next week 🙂

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