Weekly Update #230

Welcome back again dear readers! It’s been a week busy with regular life admin and other not very interesting developments but on the upside we have had some good movement on Faith & Flintlocks. Simon has gone through the Drazz sculpt and given some good feedback, mostly minor stuff but otherwise it’s almost done. We’ve … More Weekly Update #230

Weekly Update #224

Welcome back once again dear readers 😀 It’s been a decent week, a few ups and a few downs but we’ve continued on our merry way. The ups were good. Feedback was sent out, the Drazz has some further work on it and I updated some of the components for the test game, which means … More Weekly Update #224

Weekly Update #215

Ahoy there dear readers! Nice to see you back again after another week 😀 Good news is that the Change Log / Testing Log has been set up and is ready to go. I’ve already put in one change into the change log and filled out the playtest results including my impressions of upgrades. Turns … More Weekly Update #215

Weekly Update #163

Welcome back again, This week I’m back on duty having decided that working 14 hour days at work perhaps weren’t the best use of my time 😀 Sculpting has been slow this week though the Shrubber now has some detailed leaves instead of the tongue shaped clumps of before. The backstory is chugging along at … More Weekly Update #163

Weekly Update #109

Once again we return from our hiding places with our weekly update. This week has been both good and bad in terms of progress: We had a fantastic day on Tuesday of boardgames but more importantly, several hours of play testing Faith & Flintlocks. Our friends enjoyed it but boy oh boy did they come … More Weekly Update #109

The Weekly Update

Another week bites the dust and we’ve even managed a play test and meet up to boot! Last Friday we were able to spend the evening playing through a scenario and discussing many of the problems areas we’re having with the game at the moment. It was great, the game was fun and good times … More The Weekly Update