Weekly Update #120

Whoops! This was meant to go out yesterday but it appears I have been a tad preoccupied with regular work! Better late than never!

Starting off with out not very impressive done list:

  • Simon and I have been flogged at work and have basically zero time to actually work on Faith & Flintlocks 😦
  • However we did manage a Lore / Background / Fluff meeting with our writer to go over some of the finer points and some broad brush stroke themes and styles. It was a very good catch up and I’m looking forward to reading some new stories from our writer.
  • We also got a new piece of character art back from our artist Matt, and it looks awesome.

So yeah, a flat week for us doing work but at least people helping us having been doing work 😀

And as mentioned earlier, below is the awesome character art for the Moukin Tyton. One of the shortest models in the game but always trying to look down at others. The art is amazing and it really captures his attitude and pompousness. Thanks Matt!


Moving on to next week’s to do list:

  • I am most likely still going to be swamped with regular work so I will be pleased if I can just squeeze some Ophidia sculpting time at all!
  • Simon will hopefully be able to some more work on either the Moschops or the Tyton. Or perhaps tidy the Two Horn’s splicing workflow for cleaner cuts.

And that I believe is that, unfortunately. Hopefully we can get some more time this coming week to Faith & Flintlocks work but honestly July is just looking absolutely crazy for myself, bring on August I say!

Until next week 🙂

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