Weekly Update #128

Welcome back once again to the weekly dev blog. This week has been rather productive for both of us and we’re hopefully looking at a play test next week sometime.

What we achieved this past week:

  • I have gone through and sharpened up the detail on the Ophidia’s spines, fins, muscles and joints. Still want to add some more wrinkles though!
  • The Fate deck has been streamlined and basically halved….or at least what was printed has been halved, turns out there may have been some human error in the printing.
  • Fortune cards have been reviewed and are almost ready use in the next play test.
  • The quick reference cards have been updated to match our latest revisions.
  • Simon has done a stellar job smashing out an update to the rules and our wiki.

A rather good week for us. Simon’s job fixing the wiki was interesting as there were a fair few rules which had been updated in our heads but not on the wiki. So we had to re-review why we thought those things had changed and whether or not they actually had!

Ophidia_Concepts_ 73

Moving on to our to do list for the coming week:

  • Finish the Ophidia’s head. If I smash that out then I will look at more wrinkles and skin details.
  • Complete the Fortune deck for the play test
  • Have a play test to go through the updates and potentially the campaign rules.
  • Print out our updated quick reference cards.

And with that we come to the end of another update, hopefully you’ve enjoyed our quick catch up and we’ll catch you next week 🙂

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