Weekly Update #133

Once again welcome back to the weekly dev blog. This week we continue on with the push for Tabletop Simulator and more models! To be specific we have:

  • I have started creating the splits for the Ophidia and have also filled in a few holes which could have caused casting issues.
  • Simon has continued to work on getting Faith & Flintlocks up onto Tabletop Simulator.
  • Simon has also produced a new concept for the Character cards.
  • Finally I have been busy sketching concepts for the Sarcos’s outfit.

I know I said we might get to play some Tabletop Simulator during the week but apparently it wasn’t to be. Fingers crossed we get to play soon though! At the very least it’s cool that we’re steadily chugging through our line up of models with our focus now shifting to the slinky Sarcos.


Our plan for the coming week is looking something like:

  • I plan to finish creating the splits for the Ophidia.
  • Finish closing off any holes or gaps in the Ophidia sculpt that could cause issues.
  • Start looking at roughing out the new Sarcos sculpt.
  • Simon is hopefully going to be able to finish uploading the remaining assets to Tabletop Simulator, so we can start digitally play testing!

With that we come to the end of another Dev blog, hopefully next week we’ll be able to show some work on the Sarcos sculpt. Ideally it would be great if he was done by Christmas but this time of the year is notoriously busy, so I’ll see how I go!

Until next week 🙂

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