Weekly Update #137

Welcome back to the latest weekly dev post.

Getting straight into our list of what we achieved for the week that was:

  • Simon has started posing work on the Tyton (and he is looking rather sharp!).
  • Simon has also been tempted into starting some blocking and rough concepting of the Peregryn.
  • The Sarcos has had a review and his shoes aren’t working. He has had his weapons blocked out and is coming along nicely.
  • We have been discussing in depth the option of adding another trait / ability to each of the characters (bringing them up to 2 unique abilities per character).

Unfortunately we did not manage to get another digital playtest in last week due various circumstances but we are lining one up again for this coming Friday evening. Hopefully this coming playtest we can better assess whether we need to better differentiate between our 12 models by adding another unique ability to each. Since we removed their stat bonuses they have been feeling a tad samey.


Looking at the week ahead:

  • We will be having a digital play test this Friday.
  • The Tyton will be seeing some further development.
  • The Peregryn might get some further blocking out.
  • The Sarcos design will be locked down and detailing will start on him.

A sculpting heavy week coming up! Always awesome to see more sculpting happening as that means more models!

Until next week šŸ™‚

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