Weekly Update #138

It’s Thursday (for me at least) and that means it’s time for another Dev post.

This week has been ok for us, though I have had a busy few days and haven’t achieved quite as much as I would have like. But we did manage to:

  • Have another digital playtest! This time Simon had further refined the Tabletop Simulator setup and we got to try out some different characters.
  • The Tyton has had further development with additional details being added to the creature he has killed which is lying on the base.
  • I have added extra details to the Sarcos, including some straps and buckles for his weapons and refining his hands.

The playtesting on last Friday evening was great though was unfortunately cut short thanks to technical issues with Simon’s pc 😦 on a brighter note we are looking at sending the Ophidia, Moschops, Two Horn and Sarcos off to be test printed and caste by Christmas. The Sarcos is subject to being completed before Simon finishes work but I’m reasonably confident that I can finish him up in time for the deadline.


Looking ahead to next week:

  • I plan to start refining the Sarco’s jacket, belts and pants. I will also need to lock down his shoes (if he is infact wearing any).
  • Simon will be finishing up the Tyton ready for spliting.
  • And we will be looking to have another digital playtest (hopefully with less computer issues).

With a rapidly approaching deadline it looks like I’ll have to be rather focused to get the Sarcos done, doesn’t sound too hard until you remember Christmas and all the business it brings is right around the corner!

Until next week 🙂

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