Weekly Update #143

Welcome back one and all to our first dev report for 2018.

It was a welcome summer break for Simon and myself and truth be told we’re only slowly starting to get the gears back in motion for more Faith & Flintlock development. Though looking at our pre Christmas list we did achieve a few of our listed goals:

  • The Sarcos was finished. All details were added and he is now ready to be test printed by Simon. He currently is not split into separate parts but that won’t happen till we test print him first.
  • The Wou and Shrubber have some rough poses that we’re reasonably happy with. Though the Wou pose has a higher chance of changing.
  • Our illustrator friend busy at work doing some more character art.
  • Also our good friend Jono has been working on some storyboards for a series of videos about each of the characters.

So considering how little we have done since Christmas it’s not a bad start to the year. And to follow that up here’s a peak at an almost done piece of character art for the Peregryn.


Leading on from that cool pic here’s our to do list for the coming week:

  • Tidy up some concept pictures of the Wou that I have been working on.
  • Print the Sarcos out from Simon’s 3d printer.
  • Set up another digital playtest to further work through campaign designs.
  • Work out our priorities for the year

Hopefully setting up a week here to ease ourselves back into the development cycle as I believe I’ll be diving back into Zbrush soon to sculpt the little Shrubber.

Until next week 🙂

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