Weekly Update #158

Hello and welcome back once again.

This week we’ve actually been busy on Faith & Flintlocks! woohoo!


  • Re-posed the Shrubber slightly. Roughed out his legs and shoes.
  • Simon has been playing with creating procedural leaves to speed up leaf placement
  • We’ve also been discussing changes to the rulebook, flat pack terrain and reviewing some of the latest writings from our writer friend.

So all in all not a bad week considering our past few weeks. Be nicer if I could have pushed further but I’m happy to be getting some work done rather than none. Below you can see some work in progress shots with random leaves and a tweaked pose.


Looking a head at this coming week.

  • I am going to have his shoes finished and hopefully start on his belt.
  • Simon is going to be doing some more leaf work and hopefully do some more on the Peregryn.

Hope you enjoyed this small update.

Until next week, take it easy 🙂

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