Weekly Update #240

Ahoy there readers and welcome back once again to another dev post! This week has been great for us! First up Simon has been continuing with the 3d prints ready for a playtest set. I’ve also sorted through and fired off the rest of the models that he might not have had (Drazz, Shrubber, Sarcos, … More Weekly Update #240

Weekly Update #158

Hello and welcome back once again. This week we’ve actually been busy on Faith & Flintlocks! woohoo! We’ve: Re-posed the Shrubber slightly. Roughed out his legs and shoes. Simon has been playing with creating procedural leaves to speed up leaf placement We’ve also been discussing changes to the rulebook, flat pack terrain and reviewing some … More Weekly Update #158

Art Dump #110

Welcome back once again to the Art Dump. This week we’ve actually got some cool shots to show. First up we’ve got some front views of a scarred and roughed up Ophidia. I possibly went way too heavy on those details but at least it would be viewable on the table. Following up from that … More Art Dump #110

Art Dump #107

Welcome back to another of our weekly Art Dumps. This week I’ve got some screenshots taken from my work on the Ophidia. First up is some progress on his giant hands. Still finish these off at the moment as I feel like I want a bit of extra detail on his hands to show that … More Art Dump #107

Art Dump #104

Hello all, welcome back to the weekly Art Dump. This week we’ve got another fancy render from Simon plus some work in progress shots from the Ophidia sculpt. First up an awesome render of the Two Horn. And now we’ve got some updates on the Ophidia. As you can see below he’s been bulking up … More Art Dump #104

Art Dump #87

Sunday Art Dump day! First up are some progress shots showing where we started with the Ophidia and where he is at now. As you can see he started as a rather lumpy mess, but is now showing some promise! Finally for this week is a super awesome test render Simon has done of the … More Art Dump #87

Weekly Update #108

Welcome back to this week’s dev blog. Once again we’ve been busy squeezing a few extra hours into Faith & Flintlocks development after work and between daddy duties. But what have we achieved this week: Simon has done more work on the Moschops, continuing to fix him up. I have started roughing out the Ophidia … More Weekly Update #108

Art Dump #80

Welcome back, this week on the Art Dump we’ve got some work in progress shots of the Two Horn and the Moschops! First up is a progress shot of the old girl, the Two Horn. I’ve now finished both sides of her face and she’s looking rather sharp. I just have to finish her upper … More Art Dump #80