Weekly Update #159

Returning once again to the land of the living, it’s the weekly dev blog.

This week I’ve been busy chasing a few of our projects along to see where they are stuck and what we can do to get them churning away again. I’ve also been fiddling with the Shrubber’s sculpt.

The sculpt has a nice new pair of shoes and some of the knobbliest knees you’ll find this side of anywhere. We’ve also swapped his gun to his back and replaced it with a shillelagh (fancy walking stick). So he’s looking like a bit of a lovable rogue. Simon has also been tweaking the leaf generation for the Shrubber, so expect some foliage next week.


Looking at the coming week I will be tiding up his stick and either working on the leaves or roughing out his gun belt. Simon should hopefully get some leaves through to me and potentially get some more done on the Peregryn.

I also need to fix up the latest rev of our rulebook so we can send that over to our designer buddy to wiz bang it up.

Take it easy until next week folks 🙂

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