Weekly Update #157

Welcome back readers

We’re almost back to normal operations after some less than stellar weeks. As Simon mentioned last week I had some family issues but now everyone is back and feeling much better (or as well as can be). That combined with some crippling deadlines for work projects meant that my free time for game development recently has been zero 😦

But I’m fairly certain (fingers crossed) that all that is in the past and we can start to get this train back on the tracks and steaming ahead.

The only real progress I have managed this week (or recently) has been exporting a copy of the Shrubber sculpt to Simon so he can try experiment with some procedurally generated leaves, much like the nifty feathers he did for the Peregryn.

Looking ahead:

  • I am going to be working on the Shrubber sculpt. Goals are probably finish his feet / legs and look at his ammo belt.
  • Simon is hopefully got some time free to do some more work on the Peregryn as she is looking cool.

Unfortunately we don’t have any cool pictures to show this week but we should be able to have something cool to see next week.

Until then

take it easy 🙂

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