Weekly Update #160

Hello and welcome back once again to the weekly dev blog.

This week we’ve locked down a few loose design questions and made some more head way on the sculpts.

The Shrubber has had further tweaks based on feedback and Simon has exported some of the leaves he’s been trying. As you can see later in the featured image they are a bit hit or miss as an auto generated option but I think we can tweak them to work or at least use the base geometry they provide.


Another interesting thing that’s happened this week is after building lists and playing some x-wing, I’ve started to get rather interested in building lists for Faith & Flintlock games….hmm I think I need to get some more games of Faith & Flintlocks in 😀

Looking forward to next week I’ll have the Shrubber’s belt finished and have started to work the leaves back into the design. I’ve also printed out the existing rulebook with the intention of going through it with a red pen to make sure it’s trimmed and easy to understand (and also up to date!).

Take it easy until next week folks 🙂

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