Weekly Update #170

Ahoy there, Weekly Dev post ahead! All hands on deck.

This week we’ve been busy working doing this that and the other. As you can see below the wee little Shrubber is basically all done. I’ve sharpened up some of the details and moved his shillelagh to under his hand and tightened the grip. Only thing remaining is his hat hand.

We’ve also been very lucky because a good friend of ours who happens to be a bit of an excel wiz (or at least a lot sharper at it than us), has built us a list builder for our gangs in excel. It is awesome and will be very handy once I’ve fully populated it with the upgrade cards.


Contrary to what I thought I didn’t manage to get into the upgrade cards at all. But on the up side the Drazz character art is progressing well. Also Simon and I did manage to get a playtest in on Tabletop Simulator last Friday, which proved that a lot of tweaks worked well and one or two of them are a bit broken lol.

This coming week will have the Shrubber completely done, signed off and ready to go. Which just leaves the Peregryn (currently underway), Drazz, Wou, Pup & Elder I think. All going to plan I’ll finish the Shrubber early and have time to start on the upgrade cards.

Until next week 🙂



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