Weekly Update #171

Welcome one and all back to our regular dev post.

Progress has been good to average this week with another digital play test under our belts, the Shrubber completed and some more capturing of notes and updates from the play tests.

After the success of last week’s play test, Simon and I scheduled another to fully test the re-written base characters in a 6v6 match. It was very cool and there were numerous funny instances of characters pulling lucky breaks or fluffing their rolls. A few skills had to be tweaked and we settle on limiting the amount of Exposed tokens you could wilfully gain to 1. This gives the game some crunchy decisions, do I do this or that and if I do am I willing to risk that it brings?

Also being done last week was the completion of the Shrubber sculpt. With him done we can now pivot to the next sculpt that we have to complete. I think Simon and I still have to nail down which one to do next but I’m leaning towards the Drazz as his character art is progressing well.


Looking at the coming week, Simon and I may look at another play test over tabletop simulator but we’ll have to see how that fits in with life’s schedule. We’ll be locking in the next character to get sculpted. And I’ll put together some upgrade cards for us to start playing with that fit inside our new design constraints.

Until next week 🙂


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