Weekly Update #169

Well that wasn’t quite the week that I thought it would be.

It all started out so well with the Rulesbook coming along swimmingly then bam! My eldest came down with something, quickly followed by the young one. Then poof the whole weekend was gone and I was back at work with little to show for it except a lack of sleep.

Silver lining to all that is that the Rulesbook has now been updated and released as the latest version. It captures the essence of our latest tweaks and changes, making sure that all the things that are in our heads are finally out on paper. By no means is it perfect but it’s a great step.

Other awesome progress this week is that our character artist is back at it again, this time with the Drazz. Also our designer friend is doing a smashing job on laying out and prettying up everything! Oh and I may have started dabbling the upgrade cards.


So while I didn’t manage to get any sculpting done it does at least feel like we achieved some goals this past week 😉

However it means that the sculpt is becoming a bit more of a priority for this coming week. So I’ll put it down, the Shrubber sculpt is going to be worked on this week. I can’t promise it will be done (though it would be nice). Other than that the upgrade cards will keep calling out to me and maybe we’ll be able to show a sneak peak of some other work too.

Until next week 🙂


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