Weekly Update #174

Hello and welcome back dear readers.

Many apologies for being MIA last week but I spent the evening and following weekend coughing, spluttering and being swamped at work. So the past 2 weeks have been not great for my free time, to put it bluntly.

However never fret there has still been some work…although no where near what we should be putting out.

I have been reworking the Cinder deck to match our current design philosophy. The hardest part is guessing point costs for gear with out know the complete picture of all the decks. So I’ve taken one card as a sort of standard value upgrade and have been measuring the other upgrades against that.

I’ve also been starting on the Drazz sculpt though as you can see it isn’t exactly motoring along.


Simon has also been swamped with work though is still chiming in with feedback and chasing people as required.

This coming week I’m going to finish the Cinder deck. I need to actually stick to my goals otherwise there isn’t much point in stating them I suppose. Also if I get some further time the Drazz will continue to get worked on. One of the things working in my favor now is that my youngest child is back to sleeping most of the night again which means I can start to work later into the night…provided I actually have the energy to lol.

Once again thanks for sticking with us and hopefully next week we will have some more productive news to share 😀

Until next week 🙂


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