Weekly Update #175

We’re back once again with the weekly Dev post.

This week we’ve had a minor win, as believe it or not, I have actually finished the update to the Cinder equipment deck (woooooo!). Now obviously it’s probably still unbalanced but at least it’s back to being up to date as opposed to languishing several months behind other developments.


Unfortunately, other than that little ray of sunshine my week has been a rain storm of work peppered with distractions from the new edition of the X-wing miniature game which has dropped this week and is now in various states of unwrapping in front of me 😀

Gazing in to the ether of next week, I’m picking that with nothing else pressing I’ll be getting back to the Drazz sculpt and potentially procrastinating that with one of the other faction’s equipment decks. But as long as it’s Faith & Flintlock related I suppose it’s acceptable procrastination 😀

Until next week,


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