Weekly Update #173

Hello dear readers! I’m posting this at a slightly later time (it’s actually early in the morning for me) due to the fact that last night after work I was just plain exhausted and so the desire to sleep was far stronger than the desire to blog.

The week has been interesting but not outstandingly productive…at least for Simon and myself. I have managed no work on the card decks but did manage an evening of starting on the Drazz’s sculpt.

On the upside I see some more story being written by our friend and we’ve had our design friend send us through another concept for some of the work their doing for the game (and it looked good :D).

And so it begins again!

This week has been an absolute nightmare at work and with the kids having a rough night, I’ve found myself in bed by 8pm after cleaning the house. All of which leaves very little tome for stuff I’d rather be doing, such as working on our game! The upside is that it is at least increasing my desire to get back into working on Faith and Flintlocks (you’ve got to find the silver linings somewhere lol).

So for the coming week I’m hoping I’ll be able to work less, get some more sleep and also do some more layout work on the Drazz and keep chugging along on those equipment deck re-works. Simon is also much the same (hoping for less work, more sleep and more time for F&F).

Take it easy until next time all 🙂


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