Weekly Update #177

Good news everybody! This week we’ve actually got something to show 😀

After last week’s doldrums, this week has been far better for Faith & Flintlocks work. As you can see below I’ve pushed the Drazz into a rough pose based off the awesome concept artwork from Matt. And while the Drazz’s character art isn’t finished it’s probably close enough to start pushing the model to match it. I have to for some reason the Drazz looks quite cool as a mini, though I do need to push the pose further and really make it pop.

Aside from miniature related work it’s been quiet on my front. Though as I mentioned above Matt has sent through some further work on the Drazz’s character art. And I’ve also seen that our writer Luke has been doing some further work on the story (or at least the file looks like it’s been edited at some point recently ;p).


Looking a head to next week I’m going to further push the Drazz’s pose. Hopefully start making it pop more. I’ll also possible start moving on to creating some of the assets like his weapons and what not (though that is all time dependent).Ideally I’d love to do some more work on the faction decks but I doubt I’m going to get the time for that.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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