Weekly Update #176

One step forward and two steps back. That is certainly how it feels for me this week.

Unfortunately work has not let up for me which means by the time I’m home I’m finding it very hard to fit any extra work in. I really am keen to push this forward but this week the priorities have been work and family which unfortunately pushes everything else back.

It’s not all bad news as I have seen some small updates appear in the story from our writer friend. I’ve also been getting back to doodling sketches here and there which is nice as I had basically stopped sketching for the last several months as I just felt a bit burnt out on it. I do also at least keep turning the game over in my head, where we’re headed and how the game plays. Which at least keeps it in the front of my mind.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching I really do want to make a push for all things Faith & Flintlocks and so would love to hear any tips and tricks on boosting productivity, staying on target and keeping the energy up for this after hours development we’re doing.

So to end on a positive note I’m going to be working my hardest to get some more traction on development this coming week. I want to have the Drazz fleshed out further with roughly the correct sort of silhouette, I’d also love to work more but let’s not over promise too much ;P

Until next week folks 🙂


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