Weekly Update #185

Welcome back once again to the weekly dev post.

This week has been so-so for our work output. I’ve been a bit distracted and busy but Simon has picked up the slack and has started fleshing out some details on the Shelonian Elder in order to help Matt get started on the character art.

For what it’s worth I have finished the Drazz’s pistol and have tweaked the pose slightly based on some feedback from Simon. Though I may add a woodgrain to the pistol once I combine it with the actual miniature and see how the scale looks.


For the coming week Simon is on holiday with the family so the Elder will be parked again. I however should be able to make some good progress on the Drazz as most of the major work responsibilities appear to be dissipating just in time for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, my goal is to have the Drazz done and dust by Christmas, so that I can go on holiday and not feel bad about the sculpt not being done 😛

Until next week folks, take it easy.


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