Weekly Update #186

This week we’re back with more Drazzy goodness!

So for the first time in a while I have actually managed to put some proper time into the Drazz and it is starting to come together quite well. Also Simon has been enjoying his holiday gallivanting about the country and we have received the first draft back of Matt’s character art for the Elder and it is looking awesome! Can’t wait to have that done to show.

Looking at the Drazz, you can see I’ve tidied up the straps at the top, added in the gun, added the necklace, added the shoulder pads, tidied the cloak a bit around the head (though still needs major work on its flow), tidied the skirt and added some lacy trim to the bottom of the skirt. So with all that added the model is looking rather sharp. However I’m still missing some details on the hood, arm bands and the belt area. Just need to make sure we’re happy with the pose and then I can start to sharpen up the Drazz’s body and face.


With the Drazz coming along so well it’d be wise to keep up the momentum and forge on with further updates….which is exactly what my plan is. Next up will be adding in the belt and details on the hood. Following that hopefully I’ll have had some further feedback on the pose and I’ll start sharpening the Drazz it’s self up.

Looking forward to getting stuck back into this sculpt!

Until next week folks, take it easy 😀


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