Weekly Update #188

Ahoy there dear readers!

Welcome back to what is most likely our last post for the year.

Simon and I will shortly be heading on holiday and we’re looking forward to some boardgames, x-wing and play testing Faith & Flintlocks in between snoozing and relaxing.

So as a nice little last hurrah for the year Simon has been busy doing a print run of all our miniatures to date. And they have come out really quite well. Obviously the details aren’t as sharp as they would be from a resin cast but they still pop pretty well. 8 out of 12 miniatures accounted for, 3 which haven’t been sculpted and one who Simon was still printing when he took the pictures. Enjoy!

Group shot
Little and Large
In the thick of it
Curing time


Until next year, take it easy folks.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Mark and Simon here at Grimwolden Games

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