Weekly Update #189

We’re back for 2019 and ready to roll. Smarter (well maybe), faster (I doubt it) and more determined than ever (this one is more on point) to get this game out the door and into people’s hands.

It has been a great and refreshing holiday but all too soon it has ended and we’re back to the reality of day to day jobs again. While on holiday I did get to work further on the faction equipment decks and re-work some ideas I had tried with the Cinder deck. Now we basically have two decks ready for further testing and two to be re-worked. My goal is to actually start working on these over my lunch breaks at work, biggest hurdle for that is the crazy workload that has suddenly landed on my desk (despite only being back since Monday!).

Other interesting news is that while cleaning up the house I found a lot of our old testing cards, models, terrain and development stuff. It was super cool to see where we had come from and also helped get me super keen to get more into miniatures, painting and tabletop gaming again (arguably I do play Xwing these days but it’s different again to other standard tabletop miniature games). Which goes hand in hand with one of my Christmas presents which was a cool little stand to hold all my paints in (yay me!).

Looking at the week ahead, I’m hoping as I said early to get into the habit of working on the decks over lunch breaks at work and I’m also keen to get back into the Drazz sculpt and start moving it forward to completion. Simon hopefully might be able to sneak some time into further work on the Peregryn but that is work dependent for him at the moment.

And with that we come to the close of our first update for 2019. Hope you all had a great new years and can’t wait to show you all more of our cool game!


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