Weekly Update #205

Ahoy there dear readers!

Welcome back once again to another dev post update. This week we’ve had our focus split across a few fronts.

First up the Drazz has continued to be pushed forward with the skirt and lace being completed. Took my longer than intended mostly thanks to a program crash while I was trying to save which wiped out some work. Thanks Zbrush!

Also on the list, the pup has had another round or two of development and is coming together really well. Looks like it’ll be a strong pose which should help set a great baseline for the miniature.


Next week I’m hoping to have some time available to push the Drazz over the line, but i’d settle for completing the body, cape and sash. We also might be managing to squeeze in some more play testing which will be exciting!

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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