Weekly Update #204

Welcome back dearest readers!

It’s been an average week for us this week. Not too bad, not too good…rather middling. But that’s to be expected as this week I’ve took a few days to spend with the wife as it was her birthday recently and she deserved a treat or two šŸ˜€

But from the time I could spare I did manage to finish the Drazz’s feet and head, however that was as far as I got with re-meshing the sculpt. Other than that we’ve been working together with Matt on the character art for the Pup. It’s coming along nicely with a rough pose now coming together.


Gazing in to the ether of next week, I foresee myself pushing hard on the Drazz, trying to get it across the line. To do that I’ll probably have to get some better references for the skirt as it is starting to bother me, will see if I can get the wife to strike a pose hah! Also on the list will be helping with feedback on the Pup and maybe some rules updates. Busy busy busy!

Until next week folks, take it easy šŸ™‚


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