Weekly Update #208

I have to say dear readers, this has been a week to forget.

Well, its not all that bad truth as I did manage to catch up with Simon in person. Where I chased him for feedback on the Pup, discussed templates for the tokens he had been working on, looked at where to get some test prints done and talked about getting more models cast. Good stuff but not a lot of actual work. I did at least go back through and check the quotes and prices for 3d printing and casting stuff…wowza, some places are pricey! If you’ve got any tips on places to go to, I’m all ears.

Sorry for the lack of cool pictures this week!

With all that said, next week I’m hoping I can get some free time but my workload is crazy at the moment. I’ve been working each evening this week and I don’t know if it will be lessening anytime soon 😦

Oh well, such is life. Until next week folks, take it easy


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