Weekly Update #209

Ahoy there dear readers!

Glad to see you back here, as we’ve got a super cool piece of art to show off this week! Aside from the cool art piece from the as always awesome Matt, it’s been another slow week. Though I did manage to open up ZBrush and get a tiny bit done on the Drazz, which was nice, and I also surfed through various options on the Game Crafter looking at tokens, boxes and other options for a test print. But on to the most exciting part of today’s post…

Behold, the Pup in all his glory.


I’m absolutely loving the motion and strain showing in this piece. The colour scheme is awesome too. When you compare the Pup to the Elder you can see the how the Shelonians age, the armoured growths go crazy, the skin turns grey and thickens. And with the Pup done we’ve only one character left to go, the Wou.

Moving on to the coming week the plans are fluid as I’m away for work in Perth next week for 3 days (yay -_-). But basically the plan is to create a short list of what I need to pull together to be able to take out what we’ve got to play test, then tick off the items on the list. Along with working on the Drazz. I doubt I’ll have it finished this coming week but I’d like to have all of the body done (oh why did we give it 2 legs and 4 arms!).

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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