Weekly Update #211

Ahoy there dear readers! Welcome back once again and apologies for falling through on last week’s blog post.

Unfortunately the reason for missing last week’s post is the same reason that I’ve got not a lot to show for this week’s efforts. My workload at regular work has been insane and I’ve been working most evenings at home just to try and keep up so I’m not sure how much actual fun Faith & Flintlock related work I’ll be able to do over the next week or two.

Luckily for us we’ve got two awesome dudes helping us out. And while Matt is doing an amazing job with the Vou artwork (really loving it so far). We’ve also got Dan smashing out the Shelonian Elder sculpt, check it out below:

Dan_Elder_Rev03_Capture 1_Dan_Elder_Rev03_Capture 3_

Along with the work those two have done, I’ve at least managed to go through the checklist I had created and ensure that what we’ve got is ready to go in terms of playtesting. So when I eventually get some free time you know what I’ll be doing πŸ˜€

Until next week folks, take it easy πŸ™‚


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