Weekly Update #212

Ahoy and welcome once again dear readers!

As I said last week it’s continued to be a whirlwind of work work and more work. Not even the fun kind of work! So unfortunately I have managed to do exactly zero actual Faith & Flintlock related work this week. Simon too has been busy though now that his production class has finished he may be starting to find some more free time.

On the plus side Dan and Matt continue to soldier on for us, producing some solid work. The Vou character that Matt is illustrating currently is looking amazing and will be a standout on the table. She’s full of sharp lines and has a cool flow to the model. Can’t wait to show that off once it’s done!

Other than that I have been turning ideas over in my head on the drive to and from work, along with trying to run head simulations of game interactions. Not particularly great content to blog about though 😦

On the up side I am nearing the end of my current work nightmare and I can’t wait to start getting back into Faith & Flintlocks with more gusto!

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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