Weekly Update #217

Ahoy there dear readers!

Many thanks for checking back in with us but unfortunately these last two weeks have been an absolute write-off. Workload has skyrocketed and my children have once again succumbed to winter bugs (this winter has been diabolical for us), hence the reason why I skipped last week’s post and this week’s one is written at 11pm at night 😦

On the upside Matt and Dan have been soldiering on. And speaking of them I’ll try and get back to you soon Dan with some more feedback!!

Oh my goodness! This real life business is really taking a toll on our Faith and Flintlock dreams. Once again thank you for sticking with us and we’ll definitely be pushing hard to get some actual content for next week’s dev blog.

We’ve still got tons to do (at least from my view), but ideally we’d like to be getting more testing done. The change log tracker excel doc is already setup and good to go. The cards are ready, the models are good enough the only thing that’s severely lacking is our time 😦

Oh well, you’ve got to look on the bright side I suppose, at least we’re still here able to chase our fun and silly little dreams 😀

Until next week folks, take it easy.


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