Weekly Update #216

Ahoy there dear readers!

Welcome back once again to another of our dev posts. This week has been a mixed bag and while I haven’t achieved as much as I’d liked, I did get back into sculpting again! It was a ton of fun fixing parts and I really enjoyed it.  And then I had to do some more detailing and I remembered how painful a process it can be too. Perhaps I just need to get better at sculpting and the process? Either way check out the below shots of the Drazz 🙂

The highlighted areas are where I’ve already finished the details…maybe halfway there?
Swishy capes are always a win!

Unfortunately Simon couldn’t do much this past week…mostly due to his surgery which has put him out of sorts for the last few days. However I have at least cleared up his trello to do list so hopefully once he’s recovered he can fire through a few of the small things I’ve got there (reprint the models and fixing the TabletopSim mod).

Looking at the week ahead, I’d like to do some more play testing and definitely finish off more of the Drazz. Not sure which part to focus on as polishing all the arms and legs is time consuming and dull (why did we create a 4 armed armored character??).

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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