Weekly Update #227

Ahoy there dear readers!

Welcome back once again to the weekly dev post. Unfortunately I couldn’t pull anything together for last week’s post due to life and responsibilities but that’s ok as this week we’ve got a super cool sample from a first pass on our rulebook to share.

But before we get to the super cool news of the week we’ve got the weird news. Earlier this week Simon was shown a link to our model of the One Horn for sale on a random chinese based site for downloading stl files. It was eye opening, realizing that people could and would rip the models from sketchfab and try to pawn them off. Also we had mixed emotions as we saw that no one has actually downloaded it, which is great for us, but also no one wanted / liked it?

Moving on, I have finished the Drazz’s arms and most of the chest equipment and I’m now working on the hood and cape. Simon has reviewed the latest update from Dan on the Shelonian Elder which is looking cool. And coolest of all Jono has sent through his latest revision of our rulebook and daaaaaang its looking cool. Check out a sample below.

F&F_Rulebook_Master_V0.2 Page3.jpg
A sample from our updated rulebook

Looking a head at next week I’ll continue to press on with the Drazz as it certainly feels close, though I should probably throw it over to Simon to have a review of sooner than later. Also on the cards is the potential of play test (fingers crossed), but we’ll see how we go.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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