Weekly Update #226

Ahoy there dearest readers and welcome back!

It’s been another week full of distractions and sick children (seriously how are they getting sick now!). But on the up side I did manage a major push on the Drazz and now all of the arms are done with the exception of the lower hand holding the staff. That makes me rather happy as it means I’m that much closer to being done.

Unfortunately the imagined play testing never happened, probably because I didn’t push it hard enough. Though I did catch Simon and we chatted through getting the cards reprinted, costs and whether the number of cards I’ve cut to sounds right. Also he’s now about 3-4 weeks out from taking 6 months off work and he looking forward to being able to devote some serious time back into developing Faith & Flintlocks woooo!


Looking at next week I’m planning to push the sculpting forward and I’m wondering whether I’ll work better if I have a set amount of hours I need to hit each week or some other method of goal setting / coercion. Any tips from those who struggle to get it into gear?

Other than the sculpting I’m also hopeful about getting some play tests in and maybe some more chats with Simon around the game.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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