Weekly Update #243

Ahoy there dearest readers!

Another week of lockdown and we’re all slowly getting used to this new normal. Hopefully everyone is doing well and hasn’t lost their sanity yet 😀

This week Simon has been doing some outstanding work with the Token sets required for our reprint. So much so that they’re all done and ready to go. I also believe he has been aligning them with the Tabletop Simulator version of our game so we can test online! Only remaining thing we haven’t fixed up yet is the terrain. Which if we’re going to all the length of a reprint we may as well do too.

Other than that Jono has been sending through some updates on the Mime log which is looking stellar and he’s starting to work on refining the Hantu logo as well.

Myself I haven’t quite been as productive aside from chatting through ideas and concepts with Simon, which is useful but doesn’t produce anything to see lol. High on the priority for myself moving forward however is starting on the Vou sculpt. That and further developing the next game idea with Simon.

How about you guys and gals, still keeping yourselves busy with projects? Or are you lucky enough to be working from home?

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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