Weekly Update #247

Ahoy there dear readers!

Another week in paradise for you all I assume?

This week we’ve been busy beavering away on various things. The rules have continued their slow march into a google doc and Simon has been trying to 3d print some more models to mixed success. Also Jono has been smashing it with the logos and we’ve been on most nights to have a chat with him and go through the updates.

Also progressing this week was the Vvou sculpt. She’s coming along well. Initial feedback on her so far is the shoulder hoops need to be large, along with her hands and the legs need to be longer. What do you lot reckon? Looking good so far? And I’ve found the initial mockup of her musket.


Next week I’m hoping to get some more playtests in with Simon along with starting to pose the Vvou after I’ve made those few tweaks. After posing I’ll need to add her awesome cloak and chest ribbon thingy. Also we should probably have all the faction symbols locked down as well. All things going really well we might have some more fiction on the factions or at least updated blurbs for them to show.

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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