Weekly Update #248

Howdy there dear readers and welcome back once again πŸ˜€

Another week and yet not much development this week unfortunately. However we’re here to look at the positives.

The Vvou sculpt has continued to be tweaked and updated however because her shoulder hoop thingys are causing issues I never got on to finishing posing her, though at least I did play with getting her in to a pose.


The rules are now all in the updated google doc, or at least I believe they are. Simon is just going through them and making sure I haven’t missed anything. Impressively they’re only at about 6 A4 pages.

Jono has also been busy and now we’re looking at the token designs along side polishing the faction logos. And it’s all coming together well which is cool.

Hopefully this week we can get a decent play test in along with pushing the design work further along. I’ll also be posing the Vvou and starting on her asymmetrical equipment.

Until next week, take it easy folks πŸ™‚


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